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Rob McLaughlin

Rob McLaughlin

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

About My Photography

   Passion ! ...is a word not often associated with our "9 to 5" jobs.

      It is, however, one that explains why we lose track of time in an enjoyable pursuit.

    Landscape photography is mine. It provides a creative venue to share frozen moments that remind us of the "good life." Traveling with my wife, Susan, and our four children to the US National Parks made me aware of how our BUSY work schedules and responsibilities can cause us to overlook the "purple mountain majesties" waiting for us here in America. As we explored and hiked those trails together, I noticed how pausing to enjoy the scenery was therapeutic for body, soul, and mind. Wanting to capture that ambiance became my goal in photography.

   Do yourself a favor & Google the term "selah", found 71 times in the Book of Psalms. David the shepherd, who authored many of them, understood the benefits of paused reflection in God's creation.

   Starting in 2009, with a photography workshop conducted in Yosemite National Park by a professional from their Ansel Adams studio, I have been fortunate to receive instruction from numerous accomplished professionals in national & state parks throughout the US. A trip "across the pond" to Ireland & England also opened my mind to the European possibilities. 

    It was in 2012 though, during a solo photo trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada, that I met a professional, who has become a mentor & friend. Tom Mackie has had a successful full-time career in landscape photography since 1985, published books & received awards in his field, and conducts photo workshops every year in countries throughout Europe and North America. That week in Canada, Tom and I, having never met before, arrived on three of four consecutive mornings at the exact same locations to set up our tripods for the first light of sunrise.... and we were the only two people there !    SERENDIPITY.

     We laughed & recognized fate, shared backgrounds, and discussed the benefits of not being inside the cubicle workplace. His wealth of knowledge & experience was immediately obvious, and I became an attentive student. Tom's advice & encouragement was the catalyst for my photography business.  How ?  It was Tom's invitation to attend his annual Tuscany Workshop, that challenged my decision to commit..... and Italy convinced me !

   My Italy & Ireland images currently predominate, as I return to Europe now for my TENTH ANNIVERSARY, but my portfolio and website are a constant work in progress. Local Arts Festivals in Pennsylvania & Ohio are where I meet my travel clients. Stop by one & say hello... or feel free to email or call me, if you have a question about available prints, frames, and wall hangings.  So go ahead & browse images in the galleries.  

I hope you enjoy & are refreshed by these reminders of "La Dolce Vita." 

And..... don't be in a hurry.

                                                                                       Rob McLaughlin,      724-331-3209 


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